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Our plates have at least a 3.1 mill test certificate. All shipbuilding, offshore and S690QL1 plates and a large part of our EU origin S355J2+N plates are ordered with a 3.2 mill test certificate. Most of our plates are ultrasonically tested S1 E1 in accordance with EN 10160.


Every day we receive requests to verify whether our plates meet requirements that are stricter than the EN standards. Lower Ceq values or higher impact test values are typical examples of such requests. We keep track of our available stock on “plate level”. Consequently, we not only know how many plates of each specific size, grade and origin we have lying in our warehouse, but also exactly which plates are still available. This enables us to check in the blink of an eye whether our plates meet the “additional” requirements you need for your project. If you so wish, we can immediately present the respective test certificates for approval.


When loading your order, the plate numbers, grade, origin and sizes are “checked” with a hand terminal so that we can be sure that we always deliver the right plates. The moment your order is ready for dispatch the plate numbers are sent via EDI to our certificates department in Lier and we digitally send you the test certificates together with a copy of the packing slip before you receive the plates.

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