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At the end of 2019 we commissioned our new warehouse at a unique location in the middle of the port of Antwerp. Our plates are unloaded from deep-sea vessels, coasters or barges and directly transferred on MAFI trailers into our warehouse. The location of our warehouse is ideal for deliveries by truck or barge to our customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and beyond. We also have a railway connection at our disposal. 


With 450 unique locations in our warehouse, we are able to store all our plates separately based on origin, size and grade. The overhead cranes, moving at a speed of 100 meters per minute, are equipped with magnet systems and have a lifting capacity up to 20 MT. Next to our warehouse we have almost unlimited storage capacity for plates weighing over 20 tonnes and for plates for customers’ long-term projects.


We have a fully automated shotblasting and painting line for plates of up to 3.05 metres wide and a 16m x 3m plasma and flame cutting table to process plates, that are too heavy or too large for you to handle, into smaller standard sizes.

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