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Market Info - Update

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Last week I explained the difficult situation we were in and tried to predict what would happen the next weeks and months … Since then the situation has only deteriorated dramatically… The few prices we have received from mills where more than 500 euro/mt more expensive as the indications we received from them 1 week earlier. Furthermore they only offer very limited volumes.

We knew prices would go up significantly but nobody expected these kind of increases. The consequences for our sales prices and available stock are unfortunately also dramatic.

By the end of last week our sales prices had already risen far above 2000 euro/mt and I am convinced they will keep rising in the weeks and months to come. It will be hundreds of euro’s/ MT, not dozens …

The demand from the market is several times higher than what is available. For the moment there is no solution at all for this problem. I fear that some projects will be have to be cancelled or postponed due to “unworkable prices” or “no plates available” …

Before you commit to a project I advise you to check at all times prices and availability to avoid serious problems the moment you have to order plates.

From now on we will update our available stock, which you can always check via our website, once a week. Don’t forget to look at the second page where you can find the “non standard sizes”.

Availability for material arriving in April can also be checked by contacting me directly but I will not be able to give prices for that material yet due to current difficult situation.


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